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Choose your dog's name using this amazing book or you get your money back! 

Dear fellow dog lover

Choosing your dog's name can be a difficult task so we have just made it a lot easier and much more fun to choose the perfect in dog names for your new puppy!

Naming your dog made simple!
Your book not only lists more names than I could ever imagine but the help on how to choose makes made choosing our dogs name so simple. Thank you.
Dan Kenyon, CA

What a fantastic book!
We bought our puppy about a week ago still didn't have a name we could all agree on for her.  We quickly found a great idea for a name in the first section then located the perfect name "Freja" in the A-Z.  What a fantastic book!
Jenny, TX

Are you struggling to choose a name for your dog?

Naming your new puppy sounds quite easy buy it can be fraught with danger and difficulties:

We just can't agree
Families find it had to agree at the best of times but choosing a new puppies name can bring out the animal in all of us!

I've gone blank!
Names are all around but none come to mind. This is an important decision no wonder you mind goes blank.

None of the names we think of seem to work
Names spring to mind but when we look at your dear little puppy none seem quite right.

Baby names are restrictive
That baby name book lists 100's of potentials but you are probably missing out on the perfect name.  Only 10% of dog names work for humans. There are lots of dogs called 'Max' but not many humans called  'Rover'. (If you were going to call your dog 'Rover' please buy this book, he really does deserve something better!)

Internet searches are time consuming and frustrating
Finding names for dogs on the internet is relatively easy, but most sites list only a few dog names or you have to click though pages and pages to get to each list of names.  It's really time consuming and frustrating.

How does he know his name?
You've chosen the perfect name for your dog but getting him to know it is another matter.

Dogs find some names difficult to hear or understand
Choose a name like this and your pet may never come when he is called!

....problem solved!

We too suffered the same torments in looking at a suitable name for our dog (Barney). We discovered our canine owning friends also scratched their heads when choosing a name for their dog...

and so...

We went on a quest to solve these problems.

Mind goes blank? Not likely!
If you are like me, when you have to sit and think of something important, your mind will always go blank. This is not likely to happen with this superb book of dog names.
Sara T, NY

A name to be proud of
Naming your dog should be easy but it never is. This book makes it simple to find a name that suits your dog and makes you proud to call him back.
Sue Chapple, UK

The Ultimate A-Z of Dog Names

We have spoken with dog owners to find out what their problems were.

We have consulted expert dog trainers to ensure you avoid common mistakes and choose a name that not only you, but your dog will love.

After many months of searching and cross-referencing we have finally managed to put together The Ultimate A-Z of Dog Names

There's more names than your dog can shake a stick at! In fact there are 26,649 dog names to be exact!

A simple A-Z listing of dog names to make finding names easy.

Learn how to choose the perfect name for you and your dog.

Fun games to agree on a final name without falling out.

Learn how you dog can tell you his name himself.

We show you how find brilliant names just under you nose.

Have two or more dogs?  No problem.  We even list 1,183 names in sets that are perfect for two or more dogs.

We have The 10 top dog names so you can avoid common names or choose the top name for you dog.

You can avoid the common (and not so common) mistakes people make when choosing a name with our naming check list.

Teach you dog his name easily and without fuss.

A resource of doggie information makes caring for and training your new puppy a joy.

CLICK HERE for immediate download of The ultimate A-Z of dog names

2 FREE Bonuses

Bonus 1
The Dog Lovers Guide

This collection of help and advice is perfect for solving problems and learning about how to care for your Boxer.

The sections on getting a puppy, dog training and behavior and how to find you dog if you lose him or her are essential reading.

Price: $17.95 Free  


Bonus 2
og Names by Country

Our latest report listing  2,514 dog names originating from America, UK, Germany, Australia and many more.

Price: $9.95 Free

Make choosing the perfect name simple with The ultimate A-Z of dog names. It not only includes 29,163 names but expert help on choosing a name that you and your dog will be pound to hear called out for many years to come!

You can download you copy of The ultimate A-Z of dog names right now.  No waiting, not trips to the shops, no queuing in traffic! CLICK HERE to download this amazing book now.

An amazing tool
What a great book, easy to read and very informative, simple to use and much fun to learn from. I never knew there were so many names, and the “Where to start” section made choosing the right one really easy. Thank you so much for this amazing tool.
Andy Barton, Devon, UK

The Ultimate A-Z of Dog Names

Choose The Perfect Name For You dog And Avoid Common Mistakes

For just $17.00 you'll own:

1. The Ultimate A-Z Of Dog Names - Choose the perfect name for your dog - $17.00

2. The Dog Lovers Guide - 199 things you need know to make your life easier and your dog's life happier - $19.95 Free

3. Dog Names by Country - A further 2,514 dog names by country - $9.95 Free

The total value of this great package is $46.90 but you only pay $17.00.

CLICK HERE for immediate download of The ultimate A-Z of dog names

We know you will really enjoy this book and hope you will let us know what name you choose for your dog by contacting us.

90 day no quibble guarantee Richard Cussons

P.S. Your dog will give you years of love, affection and loyalty he deserves the perfect name. Order Now.

P.P.S. If you do not find this book helpful in choosing the perfect name for you dog then we will happily give you your money back within the next 90 days without quibble or question. Order Now



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