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Discover the Secrets to Having the Perfect Rottweiler Pet!

If You Have Ever Wondered:

Whether a Rottweiler is the Right Pet for You

How to Prepare for Having a Rottweiler as a Pet

How to Properly Care for a Rottweiler

How to Train a Rottweiler

How to Break a Rottweiler of Unwanted Habits

How to Keep Your Rottweiler Happy and Healthy

Plus, Much, Much More…

Then You Must Read This Letter!

Dear friend,

As a Rottweiler dog owner myself, I know the difficulties that can accompany having a pet Rottweiler. But thanks to intensive research and a lot of trial and error, I also know the secrets to turning any Rottweiler into the perfect pet – and now I would like to share those secrets with you!

Are you wondering whether you should take the plunge into Rottweiler ownership? Or have you already decided to do so, but don’t have a clue as to what you should do next – other than buy the dog? Or maybe you already have a Rottweiler but you’d like to train him or break him of an unwanted habit?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this is one of the most important letters you will ever read - and here's why:

You can now determine whether a Rottweiler is the right pet for you and find out how to train and care for your pet from one information-packed, easy-to-read resource.

Introducing "Rottweiler Secrets: The Ultimate Guide
to Making Your Rottweiler Happy, Healthy and Obedient!"

Inside the pages of this comprehensive, up-to-date ebook, you will learn:

How to choose the right Rottweiler for your home - this tip alone is worth the entire price of this ebook!

Where the best places to buy a Rottweiler are - you may be surprised at what you read here!

How to integrate a Rottweiler into your family - follow these suggestions and your Rottweiler will be considered a member of the family in no time!

What expenses to expect with a Rottweiler - discover areas where you might be able to cut costs without affecting the health and happiness of your Rottweiler!

How to dog-proof your home - I'll provide you with a list of potential hazards as well as tell you what you can do to prevent each one!

How to train your Rottweiler - I even provide you with 10 top tips that you can use to guarantee training success!

How to cure unwanted Rottweiler behaviors - I'll tell you the insider secrets to curing your Rottweiler of excessive barking, begging, chewing and much more here!

What to feed your Rottweiler - the role proper nutrition plays in your having a healthy, happy Rottweiler cannot be overestimated, I'll tell you everything you need to know about this vital subject here!

How to keep your Rottweiler healthy - I'll provide you with 10 tips that you can use to ensure the health of your Rottweiler!

Plus, much, much more!

Expert Reveals How You Can Make
Your Rottweiler Happy, Healthy and Obedient!

Hello, my name is David Lamb and I am a Rottweiler lover who has gone to great lengths to learn everything I can about fostering the best possible relationship between a Rottweiler owner and a Rottweiler.

I credit this commitment of mine for my recent win of a huge cup at a local dog show last year - a cup that I won with a Rottweiler, of course! Winning that trophy was the culmination of a long journey that began when I got my first Rottweiler, Axel. At that time, I knew nothing about Rottweilers and was racked with questions. I wondered:

1. How do I make my Rottweiler happy and loving?

2. How do I understand what my Rottweiler wants or what my Rottweiler likes so that I can always take care of him and ensure that he is always healthy?

3. What are the secrets to training a Rottweiler so that he follows my instructions and listens to me obediently every time?

I began searching for answers to my questions, but as hard as I looked I just couldn't find the information about Rottweilers that I needed. This was especially true when it came to getting my Rottweiler's obedience training done correctly.

In fact, since that time, I have searched every bookstore - large and small - within my reach for a quality Rottweiler resource. Yeah, sure I found a few dog books authored by the so-called "dog experts." I bought them happily and started reading … but when I applied the tips given to my own Rottweiler, they just didn't work!

I Soon Realized Why Most of the Dog Books I Was Reading Didn't Work ... They Were Dog Books, not Rottweiler books!

You see, Rottweilers are a wonderful breed that has their very own distinct behavior patterns. Most of the so-called "dog experts" that I was reading had probably never even owned a Rottweiler before. They might have owned dogs, but that doesn't mean that they understand the unique experience presented by a Rottweiler.

There is a big difference between owning a Rottweiler, and owning a poodle or a golden retriever! After all, what works for a Chihuahua isn't necessarily going to function for a Rottweiler!

That's why, after careful consideration, I set out to discover - and share - these Rottweiler secrets myself. It took several months of intense research and writing but I finally did it. I completed my new ebook, "Rottweiler Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Rottweiler Happy, Healthy and Obedient!"

For this ebook, I spent over 3 months just communicating with 93 Rottweiler lovers around the world to get their input and learn from their Rottweiler experiences.

I also spent time with 4 professional dog trainers to find those who specialize in Rottweilers. One gave me the low down on Rottweiler behavior problems and how to cure them. Another provided me with simple, but effective, methods to specifically train Rottweilers to sit, stay, lay down, come, walk to heal and more.

Finally I spoke to my vet (who has 2 Rottweilers) and the local veterinarian training hospital, which gave me great advice on keeping a Rottweiler healthy, and how to prevent and cure common (and less common) Rottweiler illnesses and diseases.

Yes, it was a lot of work. But if you were to ask me whether it was worth the effort, I would definitely say "YES," because now I, and you, finally have the specific Rottweiler answers we have been looking for.

Now we know how to keep a Rottweiler happy, healthy and obedient!

Discover How to Turn Your Pet Dreams into a Reality
With the "Rottweiler Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Making
Your Rottweiler Happy, Healthy and Obedient!" ebook

If you are currently dreaming of cuddling on the couch with a Rottweiler or of seeing that wagging tail when you get home from a hard day at work, "Rottweiler Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Rottweiler Happy, Healthy and Obedient!" ebook can save you a ton of time, energy and money.

This ebook puts all the Rottweiler information you would normally have to find from numerous different publications and experts in one convenient, easy-to-use resource.

You'll learn:

How to decide what is best to feed your Rottweiler to make sure he receives the proper nutrition - specific Rottweiler breeds have different nutritional needs!

Why you should always check a Rottweiler puppy's parents' traits before adopting it

The surprising facts about common foods which are poisonous to your Rottweiler!

Choosing the right grooming for your Rottweiler - do this wrong and you'll irritate your dog!

A complete explanation of the origin and nature of Rottweilers … this will help you to understand your dog much better

The secret weapon of how to use praise effectively on your Rottweiler - He'll just love it when you do it correctly

Tips and tricks on how to train your Rottweiler to always follow your instructions

What all Rottweilers must have to make them happy and be wonderful companions

What your Rottweiler will do if he wants your attention immediately!

The importance of having a crate for your Rottweiler

And much, much more!

Already Have a Rottweiler … But You Are
Struggling to Modify Its Bad Behavior?

The "Rottweiler Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Rottweiler Happy, Healthy and Obedient!" ebook contains all the expert tips, tricks and techniques you need to correct your pet's bad behavior.

You'll learn:

How to quickly and easily teach your Rottweiler to sit, stay, lay down, come and more

An amazingly simple and fun way to stop your Rottweiler from jumping up

The quick and easy way to keep a Rottweiler from unwanted behavior, such as barking at your neighbor!

The best ways to make Rottweiler obedience training "fun" for both of you

Why spanking your Rottweiler for bad behavior is not recommended to solve an obedience problem

What you must never let your Rottweiler do or you'll get unpleasant encounters

And much, much more!

Get the Guidance and Instruction You Need
to Have the Perfect Rottweiler Pet!

I honestly believe that this ebook is the ultimate how-to manual for Rottweiler owners. But don't just take my word it. Here's what a few of my many satisfied customers have to say about "Rottweiler Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Rottweiler Happy, Healthy and Obedient!"

My Rottweiler Can Sit & Stay!
"I thought I would drop you a line to let you know that after just 4 short sessions with my 8 week old Rottweiler pup 'Archie' he can now sit and stay on command and without hesitation. Your step by step training lessons are so easy to understand for me and 'Archie.' I am so proud of him and myself. Your book makes looking after him a real joy. Thank you so much." - Carol Fancy, TX

Help & Support
"Your book is great but your email support is even better! Thank you." - Helen Jackson, San Francisco, CA

We Can All Learn Something
"My son sent me 'Rottweiler Secrets' as a birthday present as he is currently in Australia. We have a 3 year old Brindle Rottweiler who is beautiful, charming, funny, loyal and loving but only does as she's told when she feels like it.

Having had two Rottweilers before, we assumed that this was part of their breed trait and just lived with their pulling on leads, running off, jumping up, etc. After all their character more than makes up for this.

I read 'Rottweiler Secrets' and 'The Dog Lovers Guide.' My husband laughed when I said that I was going to try and train Lucy to sit when she was told, walk to heel and come when she was called.

Lucy and I went into the study and began our lessons. We were going to start with the basics, 'The Sit.' My husband laughed a little more at the site of me reading aloud from 'Rottweiler Secrets' and following the instructions. But to both our surprise, Lucy sat. It must have been luck. I made her stand up and tried again. Nothing. I realized that I had left out the hand movement and as soon as I used it, she sat again. We practiced for a little longer and both Lucy and I became 'sit' perfect.

We worked though the book a little each day, Lucy and I learning as we went. Eventually our whole family used to gather for Lucy's lessons. It became a family occasion and she loved it.

As I write this, Lucy is still beautiful, charming, funny, loyal and loving but now she can sit, walk to heal and actually comes when she's called!

Four months ago, if you had told me that I could obedience train a 3 year old Rottweiler, I would have laughed like my husband did. You and Lucy proved us wrong." - Susan Reynolds, Baltimore, MD

Top Of The Class
"We had been taking our new Rottweiler to obedience classes for two months without much success. The other dogs and their owners were doing really well but Petra is so head strong and I'm so inexperienced that we were still trying to master the basics. We were bottom of the class. It was both frustrating and embarrassing.

I purchased 'Rottweiler Secrets' in the hope that you would be able to help. But you didn't just help, you transformed our dog. After reading the chapter on Repetition and Reward, the penny dropped and we began again from the beginning. Her behavior changed within 20 minutes and we made more progress after two 30-minute sessions than in the whole of the previous two months.

We kept Petra from classes for 3 weeks and taught her to sit, stay, come and walk to heel using your techniques. Then we went back to class. I was really nervous but Petra went through her paces perfectly to a huge cheer from the other owners and amazement from the trainer.

We have we now passed out of the obedience class with flying colors and Petra won the trainer's award for being 'Top Of The Class.'" - Tim Hedgeworthy, Colchester, UK

P.S. Thank you for answering our email questions. It is great to know you are there to offer advice and support.

No More Jumping
"Your technique for teaching a Rottweiler to stop jumping up at people is simple, fun and effective. Our lives are so much less stressful now as our Rottweiler used to frighten people when he jumped up. Brilliant!" - Adina , Columbus, OH

Unexpected Bonus
"We purchased your book to help us with our pedigree Rottweiler puppy. We also have an elderly Labrador and were delighted to discover so much help for older dogs in the Bonus Book. After just 7 weeks, he moves better and seems to have regressed by 3 years. Such an unexpected bonus, it brings a tear to my eye to see the two of them playing together." - Jennifer Hernandez, Marysville, KS

Isn't It Time That You Enjoyed Your Own Rottweiler Success Story?

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"The Dog Lovers Guide" ebook 

This collection of help and advice is perfect for solving problems and learning about how to care for your Rottweiler. The sections on looking after an older dog and how to find your dog if you lose him or her are essential reading.

FREE Gift #2 (A $17.00 Value)
"The Ultimate A-Z Of Dog Names" ebook

Choosing your Rottweiler name can be a tricky affair. "Butch" really is not very imaginative is it? This brilliant book will show you how to choose the perfect name for your Rottweiler and avoid common naming mistakes. It contains over 26,000 dog names in a number of formats.

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"Spot The Dog's Very Very Tasty
Recipes" ebook

Show your Rottweiler that you care with these easy to make, nutritious dog treats, biscuits and cookies which you can make in a jiffy and will make your Rottweiler putty in your hands.

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Unlimited Email Consultations

All Rottweilers and their owners are unique. I will give you my personal email address and help you apply the tips, tricks and techniques revealed in my course to your particular situation so that you will have a happy, healthy and obedient Rottweiler in the shortest amount of time possible!

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With My Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee,
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Don't You Owe it to Yourself .. and Your Rottweiler … to Get the Information You Need to Establish the Best Relationship Possible?

Now you can learn everything you need to know to buy, train and care for a Rottweiler!

You'll learn:

What to do your Rottweiler's first week home

How to socialize your Rottweiler

How to gain a better understanding of your Rottweiler

How to establish a schedule for your Rottweiler

How to discipline your Rottweiler

How to quickly housebreak a Rottweiler puppy

How to crate train your Rottweiler

How to train your Rottweiler to sit, stay, come and lay down

How to train your Rottweiler to walk nicely, to fetch and to swim

How to stop your Rottweiler from jumping up

How to cure unwanted Rottweiler behavior such as excessive barking, begging and chewing

What toys Rottweilers like to play with

What to feed your Rottweiler based on its breed and personality type

What treats are OK to give your Rottweiler

How to choose the right vet for your Rottweiler

How to prevent your Rottweiler from getting fleas

Why Rottweilers have such powerful affection for human

How to identify the difference attitudes of male and female Rottweilers

Exactly how long a typical, normal Rottweiler can live How much grooming is required by your Rottweiler

How to breed Rottweilers to have the traits you want Dozens of things that a Rottweiler likes that you may not know

And much, much more!

Here's How to Order:

Simply click on the Order Now button below. Remember by ordering this ebook you can take advantage of my immediate download access to begin reading and enjoying the benefits of "Rottweiler Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Rottweiler Happy, Healthy and Obedient!" right now!

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David Lamb
Author of "Rottweiler Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Rottweiler Happy, Healthy and Obedient!"

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P.P.P.S Let me give you two more reasons why you should buy this ebook today:

Reason #1 -
It gives you all the very latest information on Rottweilers in one easy-to-use resource. Why spend hours and hours tracking down information that may or may not be reliable when you can learn everything you need to know about buying, training and caring for a Rottweiler - and I do mean everything - in one convenient, inexpensive ebook? Click here to order today.

Reason #2 -
This ebook contains all the very latest information on how to keep your Rottweiler healthy so that it enjoys a long, happy life!

You'll learn:

10 tips for keeping your Rottweiler healthy

Tips for taking care of a sick Rottweiler

Common Rottweiler illnesses and how to treat them

How often your Rottweiler must be treated to avoid heartworms

What kind of health problem will pass on to the next generation if you breed your Rottweiler

The critical information on the dangerous disease that a Rottweiler can get easily infected with compared to any other types of dogs

A simple formula on how to save your Rottweiler if it encounters kidney trouble that is not obvious externally

What is the balance diet for a healthy Rottweiler so that it's fit to run and able to play with you

The hidden truth about a Rottweiler's sensitive health that you must know in order to take care of it properly

And much, much more!

Get the information you need to ensure the health of your pet, click here to order this ebook today!

P.P.P.P.S Still not convinced that you need "Rottweiler Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Rottweiler Happy, Healthy and Obedient!"? Call me at +44(0)7866 562683 to discuss more in-depthly how this ebook can benefit you - and your Rottweiler - in particular .



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