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Dog crates

dog cratesIt is widely accepted amongst experts that dog crates and carriers represent an essential ingredient to successful house training and safe travel.

There are many different types of crate, although the most popular type is a metal 'cage' which is easily erected and has an opening door. The most popular brand is MIDWEST.  They offer superb value for money and have been tried and tested by dog owners for years.

In the wild dogs live in a den which provides protection and a great deal of psychological comfort. All dogs, therefore, have a strong natural tendency to seek out this type of shelter. In your home, if your dog has no place to call his own, he will make feeble attempts to curl up under a table, a chair or some other choice location.

Dog Crate training made simple

When you first take your puppy or dog home, it is essential that he has somewhere safe and secure to go and rest, and is not constantly fussed over - children are often fascinated by sleeping dogs. Dog crates are the perfect place!

Ideally placed in the kitchen, for two main reasons. Firstly, this is the room in the house that usually has lots going on with people coming in and out - this allows your new arrival to become accustomed to the sights, sounds and smells of his new family life from a position of safety, and secondly, the flooring in the kitchen is usually washable, very useful in case of accidents in the early days.

If you have a small kitchen, it's much better to have a smaller crate (as long as your puppy or dog can lie down and turn around) than a bigger crate in a room that is rarely visited.

Just set up the crate, then put in his bed, a couple of chews and a few toys and cover the floor with newspapers - this will be sufficient.

Never use a crate to punish or shout at your dog, it must be a place of security that he enjoys to going. Spend time playing with him inside, if there is room. Initially let him find his own way in before closing the door.

Crate Training the Right Way
Learn how to properly crate train your puppy or dog. Available on DVD or VHS.

Choosing dog crates

Choose a crate that will fit your puppy when he has grown up or you will end up buying another in 6 months time! However, puppies should have something indestructible, like plywood, in the crate to act as a partition if your crate does not come with one. Place the partition so that the puppy has one and a half times his length to move around in the crate. As the puppy grows, move the partition to accommodate the growth. The partition will keep him from soiling in the crate's excess space.

When deciding on the size of the crate for your dog, make sure you choose a crate that doesn't restrict your dog to an uncomfortable, small area of space. Use the charts below to help you determine what would be the best crate size for your dog.

As a general rule, dog crates should be one and a half times the length of your dog when full grown. Obviously your dog should be able to stand up, turn around and lie down in the crate comfortably.

Many suppliers will list the breeds of dog their crate is suitable for or give the weight of dog accommodated. If you have a mixed breed dog allow for the 'largest' breed in your dog's mix.

For those of you who like to be more scientific this table should help!

Depth of crate Adult weight of dog

Up to 25 lbs

Up to 40 lbs

Up to 70 lbs


Up to 90 lbs


Up to 110 lbs


Above 110 lbs


Recommended Dog Crates...


MIDWEST Professional Quality 1" Mesh Folding Crates
These crates are extremely sturdy and durable, yet fold down to suitcase size in seconds for convenient portability.

Remington Wire Crates
Safe and durable kennel that's great for training.

Life Stages Ultima Triple Door Folding Crates
Dog crate has front, side, and rear doors. Folds flat for transport or storage. Comes with divider panel to accommodate your growing pet.

More Dog Crates...

Crate Accessories

Foam Pad Crate Mats
These thick and comfortable Crate Mats will make your pet's crate, kennel or carrier more inviting. Nylon cover zips off for machine washing.

Bumper Crate Pads
These comfy dog crate pads have a bumper so your dog won't have to lay against the wire of his crate.

Cooling Fan for Crates and Cages
Help your pets travel in cool comfort with this portable, powerful fan. Clips on to any cage, crate or carrier.

Orthopedic Crate Mats from Lazy Pet
The convoluted foam interior of these Orthopedic Crate Mats offers added support and extra comfort for dogs with hip and joint problems.

More Crate Accessories...


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