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All about pet supplies and pet stores

There are many sources of pet supplies from your local market and corner store to huge country wide branded stores like PETsMart. Finding top quality locally is quite easy but getting a really good price can then be difficult. Large supermarkets and general stores offer cheap dog products but quality can be a problem.

The best source of pet supplies and pet stores

After many years of purchasing pet supplies for our dogs we have found the easiest way is to buy online from reputable companies. Generally they tend to be the "online" division of very well know companies. These companies offer good quality, tested and reliable products at a low low price. They simply use their buying power and reduced costs of supply associated with the internet to bring you the best possible value for money. They also demand the best quality as their reputation is everything to them.

The problem
If you have every searched online for pet supplies or pet stores then you will know that finding pet stores that fulfil these criteria is easier said than done! A search on Google for "pet supplies" will bring up 6,780,000 approx web sites! The trouble is that with all this "search engine optimization" stuff going on, the sites that come to the top either have nothing to do with pet supplies or are for suppliers that you have never heard of and so cannot be sure will be reliable. Sometimes you guess at a favorite stores web address only to find the obvious spelling and format is for something completely unassociated with pets! Arrrhh! It's all so frustrating.

The Answer
Knowing how you feel we have spent quite some time searching the internet for the pet stores that offer the best quality pet supplies at the lowest prices. You won't be surprised at our results but at least you know that they fulfil the criteria of quality and low cost, can be trusted and are reliable.

General pet supplies

PETsMart 4 paw rating4 paw rating4 paw rating4 paw rating
We list this site 1st for a very simple reason. It came top in our survey of readers.  If you think it is the best then who are we to argue?

Backed by 643 stores nation wide, this site offers everything you need to care for and learn about your puppy or dog. Quality and low price personified!

The site is very easy to use, there are pictures of nearly all their products. They list pet supplies from large and small brands a like, have regular special offers and orders over $50 are shipped free.

And…their contribution to animals is also superb; $26 million donated to pet charities and 1.7 million pet lives saved through their adoption program.

Many of they recommended products in this site link to Pet Smart. There simply is no point doing anything else when a pet store offers dog products that are so good and at the best prices.

SAVE up to 75% at's Clearance Center!

Pets Warehouse 4 paw rating4 paw rating4 paw rating
Almost as good as PETsMart (2nd in our survey).
Unfortunately many of their products do not have pictures which makes some items difficult to purchase online unless you know exactly what you want!


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