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Pet Smart; our readers choice. We look at recent improvements

After Pets Smart came 1st in our battle of the online pet stores we look deeper into Pet smart to find out if the recent major update is a success.

In an effort to improve the experience of its online customers (and improve their profits, no doubt!) Pet Smart has given their site a major makeover. We look at six improvements that we feel are of real benefit to you.

Easier Navigation
The layout of the site and navigation structure has been to make it quick and convenient to find the products and information you need.

Better Search
You'll find what you're looking for in Pet Smart faster with their new advanced search tool. Search on products, keywords or catalog product search with this fast and 
intuitive feature.

We searched for products by generic names, brand, description and calalog number.  All searches came up with sensible results.

Enhanced Checkout
The Pet Smart checkout process is faster, easier and to give you more choices.

  • You can now store multiple credit cards

  • See how much you'll pay for your items before you check out

  • More shipping options, allowing you to choose from expedited shipping, or select more than one address to ship to (making gift giving a breeze)

  • Log into your Pet Smart account to track your recent orders and view order history

  • Security technology upgraded, making their site more secure and safer than ever before.

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Quick Re-order
This is a fantastic time-saving tool that allows you to log into your Pet Smart account and quickly re-order items from previous orders. This feature is a great way to make sure you never run out of items that need frequent replenishment, such as treats, grooming supplies, small pet food and other necessities.

Email Reminders Tool
The Email Reminders is a new feature which allows you to request when and how often you'd like to be reminded to order selected products from us, so you'll ensure you don't run out of your favorite pet supplies. Using the Email Reminders tool is really easy. 

We really like this tool as it means you can be reminded of things you want rather than putting up with never ending "information" emails which are just disguised sales messages!

More Exclusive Offers and Products
Pets Mart say they are committed to providing you with the very best in pet care products and information available. They have introduced more offers with better discounts, more often. With featured products and promotions appearing weekly, make sure to visit then regularly so you don't miss out!

Find out more...

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