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A-Z of Dog Names


All about dog names

dog names So you've brought home your new puppy, you've already bought a bunch of toys, and it's time to name your new animal friend but now you have no idea what to call it. Choosing a name for your dog can be hard if you aren't very creative so here we give you a head start with the basics and some great ideas to help you choose the perfect puppy name.

Dog Names at a glance

Naming a pet should be a fun experience for all involved. Let everyone give their opinions and submit their ideas. You may elect to let one person decide or perhaps put all of the ideas into a hat and pull a name out at random. 

4 paw rating Pick a name your dog can easily recognize. Dogs respond better to one or two syllable names.

4 paw rating Choose a name that's both easy to call out and one that you are happy calling out. Remember: you may be calling your dog's name out in a public place at times and you don't want to be embarrassed! You also want a name that will work well when you are straining your voice time and time again to call your pet!

4 paw rating Avoid dog names that sound like the standard commands of No, Stay, Sit, Come, Down or Fetch. For example "Joe" is probably too close to "No". It can be difficult for dogs to tell the difference between similar sounding words.

4 paw rating Wait a few days and study your dogs behavior. A puppy's behavior is a great source of inspiration for dog names. Study your puppies antics and dog names will come flooding in.

4 paw rating Dog names you choose says as much about you as they do about your dog - puppy. They show how you view your dog and your relationship with them. Some dog names can cause people to judge a dog - puppy and react positively or negatively/fearfully when meeting it. It is important to use a dog name that conveys the proper image

4 paw rating Pick a name that will grow with the pet. For example "puppy" may be less appropriate for a full grown dog.

4 paw rating Above all have fun and choose a name you really like. It's your puppy or dog and only you can find just that right name.

More ideas for dog names

Now you are primed with the basics you are ready to choose the perfect name for your new puppy or dog.

Here are some good ideas for picking the perfect name for your new pet.

It may be surprising, but more than half of all dog names are either human names or nicknames. Folks for the most part, name their animals as they would name themselves.

About one fifth of dog names are based on the dogs appearance or personality.

Word association can help out a lot in this area. Love bananas? How about Chiquita for an animal's name? Enjoy classical music? Name something Mozart! Are you a piston head? Name your Pit Bull, Ratchet or Motor. You'll be amazed at how many great names you'll create when you try this.

Names that end in "ie" and "y" are always fun and easy pet names. Ideas include Bonny, Bonnie, Friendly, Susie, Katie, Danny, etc. 

Ideas for ways of naming your new pet are all around you: here are just some of the many sources of inspiration you can access to discover the perfect name for your newest friend.

Television shows are a great place to find good dog names for pets. Choosing a name that is from a favorite family show can help everyone to feel more comfortable with each other from the beginning. Sometimes it is fun to go back a few years, maybe even a decade. Think of that classic that you love to watch again and again.

Comic Strips
Snoopy might not be altogether original, but it sure is a great name. 

A favorite band or singer can become a name that is sure to get your approval. You can probably think of dozens of names in this category right off the top of your head.

There's a wealth of ideas for good dog names in every work of fiction - and in some non-fiction, too. Authors agonize for months over original and interesting names for their characters - why not benefit from the effort they've put into the same task you're currently working on?

Try some of your favorite books. Why not choose a character from one of these books? What is your favorite novel of all time, for instance?

Movies are also a potential source of ideas. Cult movies, kids' movies or Hollywood blockbusters; they're all filled with larger than life characters living fantasy lives. One of these characters has a name which could fit your new dog perfectly.

Family and Friends
What about naming your new furry best friend after his human equivalent? Do you have a family member or friend who would find such a tribute endearing rather than offensive? If so, they might have just the right name to 'borrow' for your new pet.

If you have children, let them use their wonderful imaginations. Chances are that they will have plenty of ideas if you go to them as a resource. It's also a nice gift to your children to give them this fun task.

There is no reason why your favorite Aunt Sally can't share her name with your new puppy. You can use different forms of these names as well. Uncle Robert can now transform into Bob the yorkie! Won't he be flattered?

Maybe you have a traditional family name which is always handed down from generation to generation: this might be a great way to make a statement that your new animal is really family!

Honor a relative who has passed on by naming a pet after them. Or, have you considered using the name of your childhood pet that died years ago? That is a nice way to commemorate your dearly beloved pet that passed away.

Sports and Hobbies
You can name your pet after your favorite sports team or perhaps their mascot. How about their coach or owner? The name of their stadium or city?

Your hobby may be the source of  unusual dog names. Think of an item, technique, people or places which are associated with your favorite pastime.

Figures from history are also a great potential source of dog names. What about Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Rasputin? These historical names are often flamboyant and unusual, having long fallen out of current use. Name your pet for the qualities displayed by this historical person - bravery, beauty, intelligence, take your pick.

Ideas from the environment
Pick your favorite place and choose a name associated with that place. Sometimes even the name of a country will work. Or maybe you like a particular city name. You can also choose a name in a different language that is related to your favorite place.

Do you live near a raging river that reminds you of the boundless energy of your new puppy? Or maybe the name of the place where your puppy came from could provide the perfect name.

Be original, have fun, and enjoy the new addition to your family!

Teaching your puppy its name

Whichever method you choose, have a good time doing it and choose a name that you will want to keep. It can be confusing for your pet if you keep changing your mind. Pick a name that pleases you and stick to it. Your pet will learn his or her new name quickly if you use it often. When you call your pet, use it's name. Do not say "here puppy". Calling your pet by it's name will help it to become familiar with it and with your voice as well.

If choosing a long name keep in mind the shortened version. A long name will inevitably be shortened, but it may ruin the effect that you were originally looking for.

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