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All about dog accessories

Apart from the basic dog accessories and dog supplies (beds, crates, doors, collars, tags, etc) there are a number of other dog accessories that will enhance either your dogs life and your enjoyment of your best friend.

The internet is full of thousands of sites offering you dog accessories and dog supplies; everything from poop scoops to doggie sunglasses.

Here we look some of the most popular dog accessories

Dog clothing and dog apparel
Dog coats and dog sweaters are some of the most popular dog accessories but, you can also buy boots, sunglasses and umbrellas for dogs.

Dog toys
All dogs like to play and if you are to avoid your best furniture being chewed then dog toys are a must. They also make great gifts for your dog or other peoples.

Dog grooming supplies
These are some of the first dog supplies purchased by new dog owners. Brushes, combs, towels, shampoos are a must to keep you puppy or dog in tip top condition. Our dog grooming guide will show you what to do to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Motor vehicle dog accessories
If you are going to take your pet in the car (and most of us do) then there are a few vital dog accessories required. The first is a dog seat belt, crate or carrier and then a cover to prevent hairs getting all over your car, then clothes

Going away? – keep a doggy grab bag
If you or your pet are going away then you'll need to take all sorts of basic dog supplies with you. Here is a list to get you started

  • Dog bed and blanket(s)

  • Food and water bowels

  • Towel (to wipe your dogs feet before going into your friends house and any spillages)

  • Dog food

  • Dog chews

  • Dog treats

  • Dog toys

  • Basic dog grooming tools

  • Any medication (We get our dog to wear a flea collar when visiting strange places as its much easier to prevent fleas than cure them!)

  • Collar & leash

Find out more...

Dog Grooming Supplies
Recommended dog products to look after your dog's coat, teeth, ears and claws.

Dog Grooming
Our dog grooming guide will show you what to do to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Dog Coats
Learn how a dog coat can protect your dogs coat, keep him warm and save on grooming.

Dog Sweaters
We give you some ideas for making a statement with dog sweaters.

Dog Boots
Protect your dog's paws from injury or support an existing injury with dog boots...

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