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Dog boots can really benefit your pet

dog bootsPutting dog paw protection on your pet is not as silly as you may first think.

If you take your dog on rough terrain then boots can really prevent injury. If you pet does pick up a cut to his foot pad then boots make walking more comfortable, stop gnawing and keep the wound clean.

Wearing dog paw protection. There are three main benefits to your pet wearing booties

  1. Protects his feet and legs from: burs and thorns, cold weather, harsh terrain, hot asphalt, moisture, snow, mud and ice.

  2. Absorbs shock and cushions blows to the leg.

  3. Insulates and warms a substantial portion of the feet, joints and muscles of the leg.

Lessons for active dog owners
If you take you dog on long walks, runs or cycle rides then dog booties really do help. Hear are two tales that prove the point.

A friends dog has cut his pore on rocks twice whilst walking in the country. Both times miles from help. It is no fun coaching (and carrying) a fully grown Retriever over hills and through valleys to safety as their instinct is to lie down and not move!).

Our dog loves to come on cycle rides but at the beginning of summer his paws are "relatively" soft. A couple of years ago we went on a 15 mile ride which we all enjoyed, including Barney (the Labrador Retriever). Towards the end he started limping and when we looked at his paw had a blister on two pads which had burst. Not only did we feel very, very guilty but, had to suffer the embarrassment of taking him to the vet for a precautionary check up. We were astounded to learn that Barney was the fourth patient with these symptoms that week. This problem is very common. The vets solution? Wearing dog boots!

So, getting your dog or puppy to wear dog boots in the great outdoors really will help save your dog from injury.

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iconiconMuttluks Dog Bootiesicon
It may not seem like it, but a dog's paws are quite vulnerable to the harsh effects of the elements. Keep them protected with Muttluks Dog Booties.
iconiconPaw Tectors Dog Paw Protection
Ships free! Paw Tectors protect your dog's sensitive paws from cold, heat and rough surfaces. You'll find them useful in every season.

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