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All about dog coats

People tend to love or hate dog jackets.  They are for dogs large and small, make both a fashion statement and help to keep your pet safe and warm.

If your dog likes to rummage through bracken and thorns or other rough undergrowth then dog jackets stop injury. They also prevent his coat becoming matted by rolling in mud or pushing through hedges.

Most coats will provide some warmth and prevent chill if walking in the rain. Dogs don't really enjoy the rain and wearing a coat can make a real difference.

Bright dog coats also make it easy to stop your puppy at a distance on a country walk or amongst the other dogs in the park. If you walk your dog at night then reflective dog coats are a real safety feature.

So, dog coats have many practical uses but it is as a fashion statement that many owners choose a dog coat for their pet.

There is nothing more chic than a well groomed dog walking nicely on a lead in the street wearing the latest in stylish  coats. They com in a number of materials from waxed (for the country look) to the finest embroidered (for that very special occasion). The choice is up to you.

Getting dogs to wear dog coats

Proper fit is key for getting your dog to accept donning a coat. However, ease of getting the garment on and off is a learned behavior for both you and your dog. Start by putting the coat on and rewarding the dog with verbal praise. Leave the item on for a short period. The next time, try leaving the garment on for a longer period of time, again praising and rewarding your pet. It is best to start this training as a puppy, but older dogs can also easily be trained to wear dog coats with a little more patience.

How to Accurately Measure your dog 
For most coats measuring should be done along the dog's backbone from the base of the head to the base of the tail, which is referred to as the "top line measurement". This is from the base of where the collar rests to where the tail is attached. Most dog coat manufactures use this measurement for their wears. However, it's important that the dog's girth be taken into account as well as the top line measurement.

For chest measurement, measure the chest at its widest point, which is typically right behind the front legs. If the dog has a large girth, going up a size in the top line measurement is always a smart choice, since some additional fabric will be used up.

Remember that there are different sizing ranges for different types of garments, due to how binding or flexible the material used is.

Recommended Dog Coats...

Plaid Polar Fleece Dog Jacket
Full coverage and extra warmth in a comfortable, non-binding style. Back cargo pocket is an extra bonus.

Glow Dog Reflective Jackets icon
Save 50% on these special, reflective jackets that make morning and night time walking safer for you and your pet.

Fleece Jackets by Companion Road
Lightweight warmth revved up with fun color and pattern.

Click Here for more Dog Coats and Jackets


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