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Dog breeds easy guide

dog breedsThere are hundreds of dog breeds, all of various shapes and sizes with varying requirements and personalities. Finding the right puppy from all the breeds of dog available can be a tricky business but there's help at hand! Our easy guide will set you off in the right direction.

Most dog breeds fit into 1 of 6 types of dog

4 paw rating Hunting (Gun dogs)
4 paw rating
4 paw rating Hound
4 paw rating Utility
4 paw rating
4 paw rating

Don't forget our choosing a dog page tells you the secret to picking the perfect puppy or dog for you. Every time!

Simply read about the general characteristics of the 6 main types of dog.  You can find out more about each of the dog breeds by clicking on their link..

Hunting dogs (Gun dogs)
In general, hunting dog breeds are of small to medium size and are considered to possess a happy and intelligent temperament. However, most of these dogs are happiest when 'working' and they can be prone to hyperactivity and over dependency problems at home. This can be especially true of puppies bred from working stock or on farms.

These dog breeds generally to make good pets, especially Labradors and Retrievers, which are renowned for their gentle and obliging nature.

Hunting dog breeds include:
Setters, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Labrador Retrievers, Pointers, Cocker Spaniels and Springer Spaniels.

Working dogs
With the exception of the Corgi, the dogs in this group are medium to large in size and require a lot of exercise and close handling.

The larger dog breeds are usually bred for guarding or livestock control. They are extremely strong, and as such can be very difficult to control on walks or at home if they are not fully trained in obedience skills.

Working dog breeds are generally known to bond with individuals and are considered to be affectionate and protective towards family members. Because of these attributes it is important to get your puppy from a responsible breeder, to ensure that it is good natured towards people and other animals.

Working dog breeds include:
, Rough, Shetland and Border Collies, Welsh Corgi, Dobermann Pinscher, German Shepherds, Old English Sheepdog, Briard, Bouvier, Mastiff, Rottweiller, Newfoundland, Great Dane and St Bernard.

Hound dogs
All know how to follow a scent until it goes cold – this may mean up hill and down dale and miles away from your control!

Dogs from this group can form very close bonds with individual owners and this can lead to over dependency.

When they are challenging their energies to 'hunting and foraging', these dogs are in heaven. If you have plenty of time for walking, then a hound can be the perfect companion.

However, long periods spent away from its owner can lead dog breeds of this type to it becoming withdrawn and unhappy.

Hound dogs include:
Basset Hounds, Beagles, Deerhounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Daschunds, Whippets and Greyhounds.

Utility dogs
The range of sizes varies dramatically, especially amongst Poodles.

Opinion is split on their nature, some such as smaller Poodles and Dalmatians can make good family pets, where as others, such as Bulldogs, can be difficult for children to handle.

Utility dog breeds include:
Dalmations, English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Shih Tzus and Poodles.

Terriers are generally small, tenacious dogs, considered happy and energetic by nature. These dog breeds feature dogs which are endearing, extremely alert and make excellent watch dogs.

Terriers require daily exercise (but not as much as larger breeds). With firm handling they can make great family pets.

Terrier dog breeds include:
Airedale, Boston, Welsh, Border, Wire Fox, Cairn, Jack Russell, Staffordshire, Scottish, Lakeland and West Highland White, Miniature Schnauzer.

Toy Dogs
As the name suggests, these dogs are small!

They are generally lively and intelligent and do not require a huge amount of exercise – but they do demand a great deal of attention from their owners!

Toy dog breeds include:
Papillion, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Lhasa Apsos, Chihuahuas, Poodles, Pekingeses, Pugs and Yorkshire Terriers.

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Puppy & Dog Training
We help you with basic puppy and dog training then show you the best places to learn how to have the most perfectly behaved dog.

All puppies need potty training and house training dogs is simple.  Again we show you the basics then show you the best places on the internet to learn more.

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