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Jack Russell Terriers

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All about Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers are mischievous and adventurous in the extreme! They are prone to dig and bark and are best suited to someone who is active and likes to be entertained! They are generally good with people and children, can be trained to tolerate other animals, but do not like rodents. Remember they are hunting dogs at heart and may sometimes have difficulty in resisting the family cat!

The Jack Russell Terrier was developed in the mid 1800's by Reverend John Russell of Devonshire (hence the new name since April 2003 'Parson Russell'). Their job was to follow the hounds when fox hunting and get the fox out if it went to ground, in order that the hunt could continue. 

Jack Russell Terriers at a glance

Our 4 Paw Rating - to the  suitability of Jack Russell Terriers for your home and lifestyle

jack russell terriersSize 4 Paw Rating
shoulder height 13 - 15 inches weight 13 - 17 lbs

Coat Care 4 Paw Rating
Short haired variety some brushing with a rubber brush during shedding season should be sufficient. The rough haired variety will need to be plucked, you can learn to do this yourself, or use a reputable professional groomer

Family Life 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Jack Russell Terriers love everyone (except rodents and sometimes cats!) It may try to dominate other dogs regardless of its size and will always announce arrivals with a distinctive bark

Lifestyle 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Jack Russell Terriers are brave, confident, boisterous and mischievous little dog - and as a result of his constant quest for activity he often finds himself in the middle of trouble. He will require plenty of attention!

Health 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Life expectancy 13 - 15 years
No major concerns

Exercise 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Extremely active and seemingly tireless - will keep going as long as you can, and longer! A Jack Russell will be happiest in a home with a large back yard to explore and run about in

Training 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Jack Russell Terriers are quick to learn, but will always try and do things his way! Consistency will be the key to success and a Jack Russell will always try to win you over with his cheeky charm!

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