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All about pet medicine

If you own a dog then he is likely to require some form of pet medicine during his life.

If you are unsure then you should always consult you vet. However, there are a number of pet medicine products that you can administer yourself.

Common pet medicine you can use yourself

Vitamins & Nutritional supplements
Because of the processing and cooking of most commercial pet foods, many important vitamins and minerals are destroyed.

Minimally processed and naturally preserved pet food is recommended. In addition, it is critical to supplement all pets' diets with a good multivitamin and mineral supplement, as well as with digestive enzymes. Along with minerals and enzymes, vitamins work together for optimal digestion, muscle and bone growth, reproduction, and maintenance of a healthy skin and coat.

The proper balance of vitamins and minerals in a supplement is essential for optimum use by the body. Pet owners should look for at least eight essential vitamins in a pet supplement, including Vitamins A and E, two of the major antioxidant vitamins that are critical in preventing degenerative disease in our pets' bodies, which is caused by free radical damage.

Eyes, Ears and Teeth 
There are a number of pet medicines which can prevent your dog from suffering problems with their ears, eyes or teeth. See dog grooming supplies.

Bone & Joint Care
Arthritis or degenerative joint disease is one of the most common maladies especially affecting older dogs.

The best defense against this progressive disease is through an excellent, quality, natural diet, with no meat by-products listed on the label, and preserved naturally with Vitamins E and C. You can enhance the quality and nutritive availability of such diets even further by adding digestive enzymes. There are many excellent nutraceutical supplements that can help in both prevention and treatment of degenerative joint disease in our dogs.

Skin Care (Allergies & Fleas)
Skin and coat problems are among the most frustrating problems encountered by both pet owners and veterinarians. There are many things that a conscientious dog owner can do to help prevent skin problems from affecting their companion's quality of life.

Many of the common skin and coat problems are caused by allergies in our pets.

The most important part of preventing skin and coat problems is to make sure that your pet is on as natural a diet as possible. In addition to a good natural diet, it is important to supplement

The biggest dangers to an excellent quality coat are the common flea and tick parasites. That is why if your pet is at risk for exposure to these parasites, it is important that you use broad spectrum products like Frontline Plus, Advantage or K-9 Advantix (for dogs only). In this way, the diseases caused by these common pests won't threaten your pet's coat or quality of life.

Digestive (Worms)
Worms can really cause your dog to become unwell and can be fatal. Prevention and quick treatment is vital. See Dog Worms.

Buying pet medicines online

Buying pet medicines online is simple and will save you quite a lot of money.

Some like are also able to offer pet medicines on prescription.

The only thing to ensure when purchasing online is that you understand the following things about the medicine you are buying:

  • Generic Name, Manufacturer, Brand Name(s)

  • What is this medication used for

  • How this medicine should be used

  • What are the side effects

  • What special precautions are there

  • What to do in the event of an overdose

  • How to store the medication

Again list these points for all their products. You can also ask their fully qualified vets questions for free!

1-800-PetMeds offers free "Ask-A-Vet" Service!

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