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Pet Insurance

One in three pets require treatment for illness or injury each year, and advances in veterinary treatment mean that sick and injured pets can often be coaxed back to good health. This is good news for dogs and their owners - until the vet's bill arrives.

Think how horrendous it would be if you're beloved dog needed treatment but you could not afford to pay! Most people are now taking out pet insurance or a pet care plan to cover their dogs in case of illness or accidents, and not just pedigrees either.

Insurance or Pet Care Plans, for your dog are designed to protect your dog and your finances against health problems, damage caused by your dog and other potentially expensive possibilities.

What dog pet insurance covers

Although different insurance providers have varying terms they all tend to cover the following provisions:

Vet Fees
Almost all dogs will need to visit the vet at some point in their life. The fees incurred by accident or injury is covered in most policies. Pet insurance makes a real difference to everyone here.

Death of Pets
Money is paid out on  your care plan to help buy a new pet or/and cover cost of disposal should the worst happen.

Holiday Cancellation
Some policies protect you against having to cancel your holiday if your dog becomes ill.

Kennel Costs
If you need to spend an extended time away from home (i.e. hospital treatment), a dog pet insurance policy will often cover the cost of boarding kennels for your dog.

Missing Dog Benefit
Most pet insurance provides for advertising and rewards for your dog should they go missing or be stolen.

Third Party Public Liability
Cover if your dog causes injury or damage to a third party.

Accidental Damage
In case your dog accidentally damages the property of a third party.

The right dog pet insurance policy will protect your dogs' well-being and allow you peace of mind. However, it is crucial to ensure that the policy you pick covers your pet to the extent you would like.

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10 pet insurance questions to ask

It is very important to look at all the factors to make sure you choose the right pet insurance for you and your dog. But before you sign on the dotted line, here's 10 questions you might want to consider

1. Does the policy provide adequate financial cover should you need to claim?

2. Does the policy have an excess and, if so, how much is it?

3. Does the policy offer lifelong cover?

4. Are the claims limited in any way by time or by money? 

5. Does the policy offer third-party cover?

6. Does the policy offer medical cover?

7. Does the policy offer boarding cover?

8. Is there a maximum amount the insurance company will pay out in one year for vet bills?

9. If your dog goes missing or is stolen, will the policy cover the cost of advertising and/or a reward for their return?

10. If your dog goes missing or is stolen and does not return or dies from injury or illness, will the insurance company refund the purchase price?


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