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All about dog houses

dog housesEvery dog needs a home of its own. For outdoor dogs, dog kennels are essential. If your dog stays inside, that could be a crate, a dog bed in a corner of the room, or even a favourite spot under your bed. 

Your dog's kennel should be designed to protect your dog from bad weather, keeping him warm in the cold, dry in the rain, cool in the heat, and generally happy and safe!

Remember out door dog kennels are not for all breeds.  There are kennels to suite all tastes from simple traditional designs to log cabins and castles!

Dog kennels should be

  • Designed for your climate. Choose one that provides warmth for cold climates or that keeps your dog cool for hot climates

  • At least 1 ½ times the size of your dog. He should be able to move in a circle within it, otherwise your little friend will be uncomfortable and stiff in the mornings. Too big and your dog loses that cozy safe feeling and may lose body heat

  • Off the ground so that they do not pick up moisture, cold or heat from the ground

  • There should be plenty of ventilation for fresh air both for your dog and to remove any moisture

  • The entrance should be protected from the wind and prevailing weather conditions. Rain driving into your dogs home must be avoided at all costs

  • The roof or a wall should be removable to allow thorough cleaning. This must be done on a regular basis

  • Ideally there should be a place for water and food bowls. Inside the dog house they are protected but must be secure to avoid tipping over!

More on dog house size

  • The door height opening should be no less than 3/4 of the dog's shoulder to ground. Large doors aren't necessary, dogs typically duck to enter a doghouse. 

  • The width and length measurement of the house should be the same as or no more than 25% larger than the nose to flank (Tails don't count).

  • The height of the doghouse should be at least 25% (no more than 50%) taller than the height of the top of the dog's head to his toes. Again, this house measurement can exceed the dog's total height up to 50% and still maintain a good body heat retention factor during cold months.

Recommended Dog Houses...

Pet Zone Cozy Cottage Kennel
An attractive and versatile home fits dogs up to 75 lbs. Snaps together quickly with no tools needed. Lifetime guarantee against cracking and breaking.

Indigo Dog Igloo-Style Kennel
Insulated dog house in an Igloo-style features an adjustable air vent and offer a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

Do-It-Yourself Flat Roof Unfinished Dog Kennel
Build your own dog kennel. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction you'll have when your dog curls up peacefully in the dog house that YOU built for him. Several sizes and styles available.

More Dog & Pet Houses...


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