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Dog Tags
Don't let your pet leave home without one!

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All about dog tags

Dog tags (pet tags) are a must. No matter how well trained your dog is there will be times when he goes out of sight, even if only for a few seconds.

You can buy pet tags in many shapes and sizes. From simple discs with your dogs name and your telephone number through ones that flash in the dark to electronic dog tags which give your full contact details including email address and, if required, any medical information.

If you've ever lost your dog even for a few minutes you will know how easy it is to do and recognize that horrible feeling in your stomach when it happens. One minute he is fetching the ball for the 100th time then next he picks up a sent and disappears off into the bushes. More often than not after some frantic calling he appears with that quizzical look asking "what all the fuss is about" and all is well. But, one day the unthinkable may happen and he disappears.

Think that you won't lose your dog and dog tags don't make a difference? Just look at these stats:

4 Paw Rating There are approximately 60 million dogs in the U.S.

4 Paw Rating More than 8-10,000,000 end up in shelters every year.

4 Paw Rating Out of every 100 dogs in shelters only 17 are ever reunited with their owners.

4 Paw Rating Most of the dogs that cannot be reunited with their owners are not wearing dog tags or the information is out of date.

Source: Detroit Free Press 2/17/2002

Other benefits of dog tags

  • If you walk your dog in the dark you can hear him

  • Wild animals can here him coming and take cover

  • Rightly or wrongly people think you are irresponsible if your pet is not wearing a dog tag. (Actually you probably are)

  • Peace of mind that dog tags make the return of your precious pet easy should the worst happen

Other uses of dog tags

  • Luggage Tags

  • Key Tags

  • Youth Sports and Group Activity Tags

  • Stylish and Fun ID Jewelry for Children/Adults

  • TAGS FOR SPORTS, EVENTS, & ENTHUSIASTS (bikers, cyclists, skaters, joggers, rodeo, hikers, equestrians, scuba divers, and much more)

  • Pet and Breeder Tags

  • School and Team Tags

  • Medical and Medical Alert Tags

  • Fun and Friendship Tags

  • Sports and General Equipment Tags

  • Golf Bag Tags

  • Briefcase and Sports Bag Tags

  • Backpack Tags

  • Gift Tags

  • Club Membership Tags

  • Summer Camp and Organization Tags

  • Promotional and Business Giveaway Tags

  • Fundraising and Charitable Activities

  • Family and School Reunion Event Tags

  • Friendship Tags

  • Church Event or Activity Tags

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • Awards

  • PARENTS -- Protect your active children with basic lifesaving identification and important medical and contact information.

Recommended Dog Tags...

Personalized Solid Brass Pet Tags
Your pet's safety is top priority to you, so make sure they wear their ID tags. Up to five lines, 24 letters per line. Please provide your name, address, and a phone number.

Flashing Flag Dog ID Tag
Make a patriotic statement with motion-activated, multi-colored flashing LED lights that can be seen up to one mile away.

Reflective Dog ID Tags
Keep your pet visible at night with this reflective tag that has space for ID information.

More Dog Tags...


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