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Housebreaking puppies and house training dogs - potty training puppies the easy way

housebreaking puppiesWhilst house breaking puppies and house training dogs is a simple topic it may not be a priority in choosing a new dog. However, it usually springs to the top once the little chap gets home! I am often surprised at the number of people who find house training puppies so hard.  Potty training puppies is the first stage in house training dogs.

So, if you have, or are planning to get a puppy or dog this simple guide is an absolute must for you to ensure a long and happy friendship with your puppy or dog. 

The good news is that you can banish the idea of having a house full of smelly old newspapers for the first 6 months of puppy potty training!

Housebreaking puppies is easy with this simple guide to potty training puppies

housebreaking puppiesDogs like most animals are naturally born/raised in a 'nest' environment and will want to move away from the 'nest' to complete their potty functions.  This makes housebreaking puppies easier than you may think.  Most dogs will start doing this by themselves after about 3 weeks - your job is to make sure that when they start this natural process, they know where the 'right place' to go is!

Consistency and perseverance are the watch words for all types of training, and especially for housebreaking puppies.  For successful puppy potty training it is essential that each time an activity changes you take your puppy/dog outside to the nominated place to do his 'business':

  • Every hour up to the age of about 8/9 weeks
  • Shortly after each feed
  • After playing
  • After exercise
  • After any other excitement (visitors etc)
  • Last thing at night
  • First thing in the morning

In the early days of housebreaking puppies it is important to let your puppy/dog out during the night. You will quickly learn to recognise the difference between cries for attention and cries for a real need - this is the only way your puppy/dog can let you know, so it is vital that you respond.  However, this night time requirement must be for business only, praise for doing the job and then straight back to bed - just like with children.  If you are not strict with this, you will very quickly find yourself with a night time play routine which your puppy/dog will adore!

When house training dogs praise is absolutely critical, and the praise must be for the act of doing the business - not for going outside or for coming back in - dogs associate actions with praise - so catching them in the act is key to all successful training.

Choose some words that you will use for each act and stick with them - this will pay dividends throughout your dog's life.  Remember to choose words you are happy to use in public!

Many dog trainers highly recommend dog crates as an essential ingredient for housebreaking puppies successfully.

Find out more...

We hope you have found this guide to basic housebreaking puppies.

If you would like to find out more about potty training puppies then the guides below will provide you with detailed advice, support and guidance to ensure you have the most well behaved dog in the neighbourhood

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