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All about dog toys

iconThe best dog toys will keep life from being boring for your animals. They are good to have on hand for owner-pet play and even more important for animal entertainment when the owner's not around. But keep two things in mind: Most animals don't need many toys, and the perfect plaything is largely a matter of personal -- um, animal -- preference.

Some pets want the latest gadgets and plastic toys; some play only with the traditional standbys. Some turn up their noses at whatever dog toys you spend good money on, and some prefer nothing at all.

Most dogs are energetic and giving them the right dog toy can control some of that energy. But you need to choose carefully! Toys can be dangerous to your pet. Balls and other toys that are too small can easily be swallowed or become lodged in a dog's mouth or throat. Discard dog toys which break into pieces, or have pieces torn off. Discard toys with parts inside, once the inside is exposed. 

Remember a dog's primary designs on dog toys is carrying them in his mouth, chewing them, toss them, and catch them, so it is really important that the toy is too big to swallow.

Pay particular attention to your dog's chewing habits and pick dog toys that are suitable for their level of chewing. 

Aggressive chewers
Tear toys apart. Parts can be lodged in the mouth or throat, and can even kill a pet, if swallowed. Aggressive chewers should only have durable, hard rubber or nylon toys.

Semi-aggressive chewers
Don't tear toys apart, but will chew enough to cause wear on a toy. Semi-aggressive chewers should have canvas, plush, fleece, Berber or rope toys. These toys are softer, but will not come apart easily.

In general, when you buy a toy for your pet to chew on, pick one made of hard rubber or nylon so that the dog gets chewing satisfaction without ingesting bits of plastic. Soft foam balls are really not a good buy because tearing them up is no more than an afternoon's work for the average dog. Besides, they make a neon-colored foam-drool mess that can be swallowed and cause blockages

Children's toys do not make for good toys for dogs.  They tend to be chewed or torn apart easily and have small bits (eg eyes of soft toys) that can easily choke your dog.

Ideas for dog toys

Have a ball!
If you plan to play fetch (outdoors, that is), make sure any ball you give your pooch will bounce.

Good picks for solitary dogs
If your pet spends a lot of time unattended, look for balls and dogtoys with hard rubbery segments, nubs, depressions, and indentations. These allow a pup to latch onto one end and then flip the toy in the air or across the room -- a one-dog version of catch that's great for stay-at-home animals.

Knot(s) for dogs only
Give your pet a rope with a knot in the end. This is a great chew toy, as long as it's made of nylon or cotton and as long as the manufacturer took care of the tying (you really want a commercial product here).

Recommended dog toys...

For toys which are good for your pets teeth see toys see dental chews.

4-Pack Vinyl Balls
Top Selling Toy!
Keep a supply of balls on hand for instant games of fetch and you'll never run out of fun!

Rope Toys
Choose from an assortment of toys featuring tough cotton rope and tennis balls or rawhide (each sold separately).

Brite Flying Disc
Classic dog favorite in can't miss colors!

Kong Toys
Top Selling Toy!
Thick, natural rubber to provide your dog with a real chewing workout.

Fleece Toys for Dogs
Dog toys that look and sound like the real thing. Machine washable.

More Dog Toys...

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