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All about dog grooming supplies

We all appreciate that dog grooming is vital to your dogs health and well-being. The dog grooming supplies required to look after your dog are simple, easy to use and cheap. So there are no excuses for not looking after your dog.

The most important of dog grooming supplies is your time. Many dogs require daily grooming but others may be OK on weekly basis.

Basic dog grooming supplies

Dog grooming can be divided up into 4 basic areas for which you will require different dog grooming supplies

Coat Care
The staple dog grooming supplies to take care of your dog's coat are a comb and brush. A grooming table will make the job a lot easier and save your back! If your dog has fleas a flea comb with help get rid of the pesky little blighters in conjunction with a collar or medication.

Bathing you dog is an important part of coat care. Dog bath, pet shampoo, non slip mat, restraint (if your dog will not sit still), towel and hair dryer are just some of the dog grooming supplies required for bathing. If your dog is well behaved and you are happy to use your own sink or bath then special dog shampoo may be all that is required.

If you want to clip your dogs hair then you will need, clippers and scissors especially designed for dog grooming.

Tooth Care
Giving your dog chews will help him look after his own teeth but you will need to purchase some basic dog grooming supplies to look after his teeth if you are to avoid problems when he gets older.

Useful dental dog grooming supplies include dental chews, a dog tooth brush, tooth past and if you must doggie breath mints!

Ears Care
Cotton wool and warm water gently applied to your dogs ears twice a month will keep them in good order. But, specialist doggie ear cleaner will get the job done much more effectively and it is well worth the extra cost.

Claw Clipping
It is not possible to cut your dog's nails properly with the kitchen scissors!

You must purchase proper dog nail clippers or you risk seriously injuring your pet. If you want a top show finish then a special grinding machine will produce the perfect finish.

Recommended Dog Grooming Supplies...


Pin/Bristle Brush and Flea Comb
An ideal grooming combo to keep your furry friend looking great.

Rotating Tooth Comb
Fully versatile grooming tool that eliminates snags.

More Dog Combs and Brushes...


Hartz® Pet Shoppe(TM) LIVING(TM) Botanicals(TM) Dog Shampoos
Three moisturizing dog shampoo varieties to choose from: Beautifying, Soothing Oatmeal, and Tearless Puppy.

Quick Bath for Dogs
These extra-thick, pre-moistened wipes contain cleansers and conditioners so you can freshen your dog's coat any time. Great to use when a full bath isn't an option.

Super Towel
This towel has special, super-absorbent fibers that will help you dry your dog in half the time.

More Bath Time Products...

Ear Care

R-7 Ear Cleaner
Specially designed to keep dog's and ears clean and dry.

Ear Cleansing Pads from Eight in One
Gently cleans away ear wax and debris. Controls odor and helps ears stay healthy.

More Ear Care Products...

Tooth Care

Denta Clean Tooth Paste
Regular dental care is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your pet healthy and happy. Denta Clean Toothpaste is specifically formulated for pets to control tartar and keep teeth and gums clean. Contains Coenzyme Q10.

Finger Brushes
Brushing teeth is easier with these tools that fit over your finger.

More Tooth Care Products...

Dental Chews

Greenies® Smart Chew(TM) Hard Non-Edible Dental Care Dog Toy for Vigorous Chewers
From the maker of Greenies dog chew treats comes this non-edible dog toy for vigorous chewers.

Booda Fresh N' Brite Dog Chews
These edible dental chews are made with corn starch. Unique, swirly/nubby design helps clean teeth as your dog chews.

More Dental Chews...

Claw Clipping

Nail Clipper, Styptic and File
Make nail clipping a snap with this 3-in-1 pedicure set.


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