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Pet Smart win our battle of the pet stores

In our battle of the  online pet stores Pets Mart comes up tops for quality products and the lowest prices according to our newsletter subscribers.

Our readers also rate Pets Mart top of the pet stores for customer service and for the range of dog supplies and products stocked. Top marks were also received for easy of navigation for their web site.

We asked just 5 simple questions about pet stores

  1. How low are the prices on this site?

  2. How do you rate the quality of products from this store?

  3. How good is their customer service? (answering emails, speed of delivery etc)

  4. How do you rate the range of products offered?

  5. How easy is their web site to navigate?

Why did we ask these questions?

We know that people usually buy from online stores to save money and for convenience but that the quality of the products is still very important.

The next key factor is to know that you will receive what you ordered and that any queries will be answered quickly.

Finally it is very frustrating to spend time searching for a product that is not stocked or to fight your way through a difficult navigational structure.

Here are the results


All Pets Sit Stay Pets Warehouse PETsMART PetCo PetCare Central
Low Prices 6 6 8 9 6 5
Quality of Products 7 7 8 10 6 7
Customer Service 5 8 9 10 6 7
Range of Products 7 7 9 9 6 5
Website Navigation 6 6 8 10 7 7
Average Score 6 7 8 10 6 6

Questions were scored out of 10. (1 poor 10 Excellent)

Just over 18% of our subscribers took part in our battle of the pet stores survey to find the best in online pet stores.

Theses results astounded us as we thought that there would be little to choose between the online offerings of the top online pet stores. It also gives us confidence to continue to be happy to recommend Pet Smart to visitors of our web site.

Find out more...

PETsSMART 4 paw rating4 paw rating4 paw rating4 paw rating
With an average score of 10 /10 you can shop with confidence at Pet Smart.
Great Savings for your Dog at

Pets Warehouse 4 paw rating4 paw rating4 paw rating
At with an average score of 8/10 Pets Warehouse comes a very good second in our survey.
(We find that not having pictures of all products can make it difficult to choose the right product)

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