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All about dog sweaters

Sweaters for dogs are the most popular type of clothing for dog. They are available in a variety of different styles, in sizes to fit any breed, from Chihuahuas to German Shepherds. Dog jumpers are both practical and visually appealing, making them great wardrobe starters for your dog.

Sweaters for dogs are often handmade with quality hand-dyed yarns, chenille, and angora. Look for quality accents, such as fur trimmings, belts, and hoods. Some sweaters will have a variety of color choices; others are designed with a single color choice.

Purchasing sweaters for dogs

Buying a sweater for your dog is no so different from buying sweaters for yourself. Dog fashions change with the seasons, just like the clothes we buy. Pastels are in fashion for spring, just as woolly blends are popular for fall and dark jewel tones predominate during winter. Just like people, dogs have certain colors and styles that flatter them more than others.

It's easy to select dog clothes that will reflect your dog's personality, too, making the combination virtually impossible to resist. For example, if you have a girl who loves to be the center of attention, pink dog sweaters would be the best choice for her. Or, you may have a boxer called butch so a stars and stripes sweater my be suitable.

Giving dog sweaters as gifts

Dog sweaters make great gift ideas for your favorite dog owner, as well.

Themed dog sweaters are also very popular. Designed especially for holidays, they provide that extra bit of holiday cheer that makes the season bright. Christmas sweaters usually offer extra attention to detail and special characters or scenes woven into the pattern.

Sweaters are often themed for other holidays, too. Red and pink sweaters signal the approach of Valentine's Day, just as pastels are usually worn for Easter. And of course, the traditional red, white, and blue can only mean the Fourth of July. Themed sweaters are definitely a highlight of any retailer's year.

If you have a favorite sporting team or TV program then you can choose a sweater to show where your loyalty lies and who your favorites film or TV stars are.

All in all dog sweaters are great fun and keep your dog warm as well.

Finally if you live in a warm climate then please make sure your dog does not get too hot. Your pets health comes above your fashion statement!

Recommend Sweaters...

Shaker Knit Sweater
Textured Shaker Knit Sweater offers warmth and style. An assortment of classic colors means there's something for every dog.

Pink Hearts Dog Jumper
Your precious pooch will capture your heart (and the hearts of all who see her) when she's wearing this Pink Heart Sweater.

Hot Pink Starlight Sweater
"Pretty in pink" takes on a whole new meaning in this fabulously detailed creation.

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