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All about dog clothes and dog clothing

Putting your puppy into dog clothes has both practical and fashionable advantages. But, does your dog clothing fashion sense put your dog at risk or make him look foolish?

Clothing for dogs is a great opportunity to showcase the individuality of your pet. Even if you prefer a no fuss approach to fashion, there are plenty of dog clothing options. From an understated dark sweater to a jaunty boots and personalized sweaters for the dog who has everything.

Choosing dog clothes for your pet should be a fun and rewarding experience. Your dog is a part of your family and many pet owners give their dogs birthday and Christmas gifts. Luxury dog apparel is one way to show how much you value the companionship of man's best friend.

Practical applications for dog clothes

Providing your pet with dog clothing also has several practical applications. If you live in a cold climate, keep your dog toasty warm when the temperature dips. Give your dog the added warmth of a hand-knit sweater: it's as essential as remembering to put on your coat when you take your dog for a walk.

Dog clothes can also keep their fur from getting dirty or matted while they are at play. Rain boots and hats will keep your pet dry and cozy during a winter walk in the rain. You can pamper your pet by keeping him safe from extreme conditions!

The most common dog clothes are coats, sweaters and boots.

Dog Coats 
All dogs can benefit from wearing dog coats. Water proof coats can protect your pet from the wind and rain and stop fur becoming matted if your dog likes to role in the mud.

Dog Sweaters
Getting your dog into wearing dog sweaters not only keeps him warm but can make a real fashion statement about you as an owner. You can put your dog in your favorite team colors or show your patriotism with stars and stripes.

Dog Boots
Wearing dog boots can protect your dog feet from injury or keep and injury clean.

Other dog apparel
Hats, umbrella, bows and scarf all have fashionable and practical uses suit you and your pet

The ultimate fashion statement
Do you dog clothes make a fashion statement or just make your pet look a fool? Well we will leave that judgment up to you. Although, I may be worth quickly glancing back in crowds to see if people are pointing and sniggering!

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