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All about Boxer dogs

boxer_puppiesA Boxer puppy is a perfect companion for an active family. Boxer puppies can be stubborn and must be trained quickly and consistently - especially being taught very early on not to jump up- this will pay dividends later on!!

You will find Boxer dogs are friendly, energetic, inquisitive, devoted, loyal, outgoing and social and make lovely family pets - as long as you are prepared to put the effort in to the early training and  plenty of exercise.

The ancestors of Boxer dogs have been around since the 16th century. Selective breeding in Germany (by Georg Alt) in the late 1800's produced what we now know as the Boxer breed. They were originally bread as working dogs, used to guard livestock and baiting.

With their breeding origins in 'guarding' Boxers are natural protectors and will automatically incline to this devoted role. For this reason they do make good guard dogs.

Boxer dogs at a glance

Our 4 Paw Rating - to the  suitability of Boxer dogs for your home and lifestyle

boxer dogsSize 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Shoulder height up to 25 inches, weight 65 - 80 lbs

Coat Care 4 Paw Rating
Flat, short coat - hardly any moulting. Occasional brushing will keep coat in excellent condition

Family Life 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Love humans, especially children - also adapts well to other household pets. Definitely a 'people' dog

Lifestyle 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Suit urban or rural lifestyle, as long as walked daily - Easily bored, can be destructive if left unattended for long periods

Health 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Life expectancy 8 - 10 years
Test Boxer dogs for cardiac and hip recommended

Exercise 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Need plenty of exercise - either free running in a good sized yard or garden for long periods of time, or daily walking

Training 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Respond well and are fairly keen to please, remember that consistency and perseverance in training regime are essential

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