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All about Newfoundland dogs

newfoundland puppiesThe Newfoundland is an exceptionally patient dog who fits into any kind of household providing it is big enough! Newfoundland dogs are large and beautiful, rarely displaying bad temper, unless provoked. Known for their love of swimming, Newfoundland dogs have been known to rescue many drowning victims.

The exact origins of the Newfoundland dogs are uncertain. Many North Americans claim it as a native breed, while others argue that it descends from Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, brought to America by French fisherman. Newfoundland dogs derive their name from the island on which they were used for haulage and marine work. they are an excellent and fast swimmer, with a natural life saving instinct.

As with any giant breed vigilance is required in raising and caring for Newfoundland puppies. This will be rewarded with complete devotion and constant protection.

newfoundland dogsNewfoundland dogs at a glance

Our 4 Paw Rating - to the  suitability of Newfoundland dog for your home and lifestyle

Size 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Shoulder height up to 28 inches, weight 130 -150 lbs

Coat Care 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Newfoundland dogs have a greasy and dense, medium length and water resistant coat. Regular grooming with a brush and comb is required to prevent matting

Family Life 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Newfoundland dogs are gentle, friendly with all living creatures and will protect its family if necessary

Lifestyle 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Due to its size, the amount of space and cost of feeding should be carefully considered before purchasing Newfoundland dogs

Health 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Life expectancy 8 - 10 years. 
Test for cardiac, hip, elbow and blood (eye) recommended

Exercise 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Newfoundland dogs love to swim, long hikes should be avoided until the Newfoundland is fully grown

Training 4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating4 Paw Rating
Newfoundland dogs are very sensitive to tone of voice, need to be calm and consistent

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